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Around The World In 80 Days-OurWorld

This game is a matching game like Bejeweled, but the story is based on the book Around The World In 80 Days by Jules Verne. I think the items in the carpet-bag are quite interesting so I’m recording them down here.



Day 1

This is the day I hired a new servant, a Frenchman by the name of Passepartout. The news of the journey came as a shock to him, yet he started packing without a word. This is the manner a servant should be. It appears that this time I might have found the right man. We are not taking much luggage. A proper gentleman travels around the world with a light carpet-bag.

Day 2

The most important thing that Passepartout packed is my personal note-book. The notes will become documented evidence of my journey. Perhaps one day, many years from now, I will read them to my children.

Day 3

I had an argument with Mr. Stuart, the chairman of the Reform Club, about whether it is possible to travel around the world in 80 days. He got so agitated trying to prove me wrong that he bet his post of the chairman!

Day 4

Quite honestly it seems like Mr. Stuart is not the only one who thinks I am doomed to failure. Well, gentlemen, you will soon see who is right…

Day 5

This wager has already been referred to as fantastic and inconceivable. I wonder what they say when I win.

Day 6

My opinion is that there is nothing fantastic about this bet. All there is here is superb calculation and passion that characterize a true Englishman.

Day 7

Do I feel strongly about the success of this enterprise? By means! A true Englishman will not start a new venture unless he is at least 50 per cent sure of the favourable outcome. We are departing for Paris today!



Mr Fogg’s Savings




Mr Fogg’s Globe


Mr Fogg’s Pocket Watch


Mysterious Flask


Compact Binoculars



…And I’m too bored to do France.

If anyone wants to send France, they’re welcome.

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Take a peek!





They’ll be at the Souvenir Shop in the newly discovered Lake.

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…as of now, they’re upgrading something on OurWorld…seems big…shh…

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Reporting Live from Fantage!

This is PINKKEA again, reporting live from Fantage.

The media’s saying: There’s going to be a summer party on Friday, with free items for everybody! New items have popped out in the catalogues, including a banner for your house (even non-members can buy a simpler one). Sticker medals have been upgraded to changes! (They’re for Premium only though) Also, there is a new version of Splash! at the Beach. POWER UP!! 😛

Looks like that’s all. This is PINKKEA, over.

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And after a lot of HTML coding, the library is now revamped to a lot of links and branches.
Say that you want to see the last post. You click on “Town” then “Library” then “Archives” and THEN “NeoWardrobes”. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff! But it’ll permit me to put in a lot more ‘books’ in the library…
…Not that there’s any more than four in there. *sigh*

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Reporting Live From Neopets!

This is PINKKEA, reporting live from Neopets.
Today we’ve been digging up some fashions from the real old times, and unearthed a game called NeoWardrobe. NeoWardrobe is a game where you dress up four different pets and see videos.

We’ve been digging up the outfits that unlock these videos, and I’m pleased to say that we have found some. So, here they are!

We’ll start with the lovely…



aisha_2*eats shop*



The remaining clothes (pirate) don’t work.


blumaroo_1Apparently a safari guy with a BBQ box and that awesome hat.

blumaroo_2Witch flying above you in the sky to drop something on your head and while you try to get it off she blasts you and turns you into a pile of sludge.


blumaroo_4Ooh, an artist! May I buy one of your paintings? But what is it?




chia_2*makes no comment*

chia_3*again makes no comment*

As of now, we can’t find out why the “rock star” outfit doesn’t display a video and why there’s an extra pair of glasses left over. So we’ll skip to the next pet…


jubjub_1Eureka! It’s a snowball-throwing snowman (with a Jubjub inside) !!!!!!

jubjub_2“OWW,” says the Jubjub as his fur burns up when he sticks himself into the jack-o-lantern. (Well, what did you expect?)


jubjub_4Well, that’s a break from all the booming.

And that’s all for Jubjub!

We’re now moving on to KACHEEK.



kacheek_3La, la, la, smell the roses, the butterflies. La, la, la, beautiful white clouds, blue skies. La, la–[terminated because this part of the song is too prissy to even look at]

kacheek_4*taps cane*

And three articles of clothing left over.

Now, we move on to the final one: the SCORCHIO!!

scorchio_1Clink! Clank! Boom! Explode! The End!

scorchio_2If I make a comment now he’ll zap me..

scorchio_3Uh, you guys, there’s, like, a Scorchio with, like, the ball and you are, like, all huddled trying to find the, like, ball that is with the, like, Scorchio who is, like, running away and now he has the, like, ball and you are going to lose the, like, game and like, like, you are going to, like [cut for convenience]


Well, that’s all for today! We’ll be digging up more items from the Stone Age of Neopia soon!

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Dizzywood Forces You To Pay: Here’s How

Everyone knows that whoever pays in Dizzywood becomes a Gold Explorer and has many awesome benefits that only Gold Explorers can get. And everyone knows that Silver Explorers get some of the benefits of Gold Explorers, and still play the game for fun. But those cost money, and what about the people that can’t pay? They’re stuck–as Basic Explorers.

Basic Explorers don’t do anything except walk around and do missions to gain coins that won’t buy them anything, since they are banned from all shops. They play games to get more of these worthless coins. They can only send emotes and collect the gift boxes and piles of coins that lay around on the ground.

What is the point of the game?

Pay or quit.

Basic Explorers, who play for free, have nothing. But if you pay, you are suddenly surrounded by riches–mansions, clothes, missions, new critters called Morphers. But to keep that going after your year is up, you have to pay more. And more. And more.

What do you choose, paying over $150 for three years of programmed pixels, or paying nothing and having fun in the real world?

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